Jan-Suvidha: A step towards E-Governance in Lohit District


            The Lohit District Administration has introduced an electronic delivery system for all public services. “JAN-SUVIDHA” a Computerized Facilitation Centre was initiated to meet such objectives like speed, efficiency, consistency and reliability and to substantially improve the citizen interface etc.


JAN-SUVIDHA (Computerized Facilitation Centre) is established to serve the purpose of the common people, by giving services such as Permanent-Residence-Certificate, Schedule Tribe Certificate, Temporary Residence Certificate, Arms License and many others within one to two days.  JAN-SUVIDHA project is first of its kind in Arunachal Pradesh, where all certificates are Computerized and issued through a single window.  The Centre Charges a minimum fee for all the services.



                                Each certificate branches receive the application from the applicant and send it to respective branches for processing. On receipt of the application the branch issue a receipt to the applicant, giving brief about the application and the expected date of issue of the certificate.


After receipt of the application the Branch puts up the application in file and sends it to the Branch Officer. After getting the clearance from the Branch Officer the branch assistant prepares a hand written certificate which often looked cumbersome and send it to the Branch Officer for signature. The branch Officer then sign the certificate and send the certificate to the Certificate Branch for issuing. The Certificate Branch maintains a register of receipt and issue


                    The data flow diagram of application for a single branch in the manual system is as shown below in Figure ’A’

Figure ’A’


Disadvantage of Manual System:

                        The processes of issuing the certificate have to pass through many processes at different stages and at different tables that consume lots of time as a consequence the general public feel harassed. Moreover, there was no proper information system. So the general public has to visit the counter many a times that too to the various Certificate Issuing Branches to enquire about the status of their application.



                        Since the manual system has lots of disadvantages it was felt necessary to process the issuing of the certificates with required modification. Through computerization the process could be made more transparent as well as efficient which would in turn benefit the General Public.


The modifications required were:-

1. Preparation of a standard application form for different service

2. Reduce the No. of days to issue a Certificate

3. Minimize the steps involved for processing an application

4. Single window system for receipt and Issue of Certificate

5. Development of a monitoring and reporting service

6. Involvement of a single Branch in Issuing a Certificate

7. Validation of Application at the receipt counter

8. Creation of a central Database for future Reference

The data flow diagram Of Computerized system is as shown below:

Figure ’B’



1.      Permanent Residence Certificate

2.      Schedule Tribe Certificate

3.      Temporary Residence Certificate

4.      Arms License

5.      Succession Certificate

6.      Death Certificate

7.      Birth Certificate

8.      Identity Card

9.       Inner Line Pass and many more.



In the Computerized system steps involved in the processing of Certificate has been reduced.

The applicant shall apply in a prescribed format, which is available to the public at the Public Facilitation center (PFC) as well as in the market. On the basis of the application the data is fed into the computer and the certificate is generated. The Computer generated certificate is then sent to the Certificate Signing Officer along with the documents enclosed by the applicant for verification.

The Officer shall go through the applications and enclosures and sign the certificate if satisfied and send to the issue counter. The Issue counter will issue the certificate and hand over the Office copy of the certificate and the documents enclosed by the applicant to the certificate branch.   


For example, to get Permanent Inner Line Pass we’ll have to go through these steps.




Step1::Computer Operator will enter all the information in the computerized ILP application form.


Step2: Operator will give computer generated receipt to the customer and print the certificate. At the day end all the certificates will be sent to their concern issuing authorities for verification.


Step3: Completed certificates will be dispatched from the issuing counter of JAN-SUVIDHA.  



And also due to lesser movement of the file from one counter to another, the time taken in issuing certificates has highly reduced.


     File Flow in Manual system                                    File Flow in Computerized System












“Old ILP in Booklet Form”                                           “New ILP in ID Card Form”



                   Since it is a facilitation centre, utmost importance has been given to the public so that they can obtain certificates easily. People are told the exact date when the certificate will be ready after applying in the centre. They can get a certificate in one day, if applied in the morning and the next day if applies in the evening. The common people need not go branch to branch in search of certificates instead they could easily get from the jan-suvidha centre at a given time. Till date the jan-suvidha centre is doing an excellent job in delivering public services to the public.

          The major benefits are, like:

1. Public is getting the Certificate in shorter time period.

2. With the monitoring facilities one can find out the present status of his/her application.

3. With the well-designed application form, Document required for applying for a certificate is clear to the Applicant.

4. People do not have to roam around the Branch to Branch to know about the status of the Certificate.



                   The jan-suvidha centre is completely funded by District Administration. It has done a commendable job in delivering public service to the people. The workload of Certificate Branch is completely reduced by computerization hence computerized certificates can be issued to the public in shortest time. Two Dealing Assistants are allotted to look after the matters of jan-suvidha centre. All the works of jan-suvidha centre is done by jan-suvidha centre Staffs.

          The major benefits are, like:

1. Quick disposal of Certificate.

2. Transparency in the certificate issue system.

3. Less manpower requirement.

Project implementation status:


For futher details, contact:

Shri June Kadu, DIO, NIC, Lohit District Unit
email: tezu@nic.in