About District

In the easternmost tip our country lies this enchanting land namely LOHIT(also Lohit) district of Arunachal Pradesh which is known for its pristing scenic beauty. Lohit named after the mighty river that meanders across the mountaineous region from Tibet and enters India at DICHU village of KIBITHOO circle of Anjaw district and gushes down to meet the mighty BRAHMAPUTRA in the plains of Assam.

The political and administrative history of Lohit district can be traced back to the year 1914 when there existed three administrative tracts namely

The Central and Eastern Section
The Lakhimpur Frontier Section and
The Western section

A political officer was assigned in each section to look after the tracts. In 1919 the Central and Eastern section was renamed as Sadiya Frontier Tract with its headquarter at Sadiya. In 1948 Sadiya Frontier Tract further bifurcated into two districts namely Abhor Hills areas. On 13th August 1952 Tezu became the headquarters of Mishmi Hills district. Two years later in 1954 Mishmi Hills district was further renamed as Lohit Frontier Division. IN 1956 Dibang Valley was created as a separate sub-division with its headquarter at Roing. In 1965 Lohit Frontier Division was declared as Lohit District. In 1980 Lohit district was carved out and Dibang Valley district with its headquarters at ANINI was created. Again by another bifurcation of Lohit, Anjaw district with its headquarters at HAWAI created in December 2003.