Tezu Circle, PWD, is one of the oldest Circle which was created in 1983. At the time of its inception, the circle had three divisions viz.- Tezu, Namsai and Roing divisions. In order to enable rapid development in infrastructures such as roads, bridges and buildings etc., Anini Division was created by carving out from Roing Division in June 1996 with jurisdiction of works in Dibang Valley District and Hayuliang Division was created carving out from Tezu Division in November, 1998 with jurisdiction of works in Anjaw District.

Tezu P.W. Division is one of the oldest P.W. Divisions in Arunachal Pradesh. Due to the after effects of earthquake in 15/08/1950, the then Frontier Division at Sadiya was compelled to shift its establishment at Tezu and this Division was initially established as Lohit C.P.W. Division in 1954. Later Lohit Division was renamed as Tezu Division during CPWD era, prior to creation of Arunachal Pradesh Public Works Department.

Tezu P.W. Division takes care of infrastructure development activities of two administrative Circles viz. Tezu and Sunpura under Lohit District. The works under the jurisdiction of Wakro administrative Circle are taken care of by Namsai P.W. Division.


The Divisions are engaged in different spheres of construction which include execution, improvement and maintenance of roads, bridges, culverts, residential and non-residential buildings of various types & design and also helipads etc.


The major ongoing works under the Divisions are listed below.

  • Tezu Division
  1. Construction of bridge on NH-52 road to Bhekuliang (SH: Steel composite bridge over river Haju) under RIDF-XX, costing Rs. 742.23 lakhs and sanctioned during 2014-15.
  2. Construction of District Secretariat at Tezu under 4059 PW (SPA), costing Rs.2500.00 lakhs and sanctioned during 2014-15. Block ‘A’ of the District Secretariat is already completed.
  3. Construction of Science block at IGG College, Tezu, under 4202 Higher Education, costing Rs. 400.00 lakhs and sanctioned during 2015-16.
  • Namsai Division
  1. Construction of road from Kamlangnagar to Kathan (Ph-I) under RIDF-XXIII, sanctioned during 2017-18 for Rs.10.00 crores.
  2. Construction of RCC bridge (span 24.0 m) at 11.0 Km on Wakro-Deban road under RIDF-XX, sanctioned during 2015-16 for Rs.3.00 crores. The work is nearly completed.