The office of the District Research Officer-cum-District Museum Lohit District, Tezu was established in the year of 1956-57 during the NEFA period. It is one of the oldest departments in the district. The department along with the District Library, at that time, was called Gopinath Bordoloi Cultural Centre after the name of first Chief Minister of Assam. Later on in the period of Union Territory the name was changed to District Cultural Centre. The District Library got separated from the Cultural Centre and independent department as Directorate of Public Libraries in 1987-88.The office of the District Library & Information Officer (DLIO) is still functioning in the half part of the building of the DRO’s office within the same premises of the office compound as they do not have separate office building of their own till today.

The department was established under the guidance of Dr. Verrier Elwin. He was pioneer in the field of tribal study and he was Advisor to the Govt. of India on Tribal Affairs. Dr. Elwin, being an anthropologist, played a vital role for preservation and promotion of cultural heritage of the state. The aim and objective behind establishing the department was to preserve and promote the age old rich cultural heritage of the ethnic tribes of the district. The motto was “Development of the tribal people through preservation of their own culture”, and also to disseminate the knowledge of the customs and tradition of the people of the land and to educate the mass people from outside of the state.

In the later part of 1992.the department was declared as Major Department with delegation of Financial Power of DDO to the District Research Officer by the Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh. In the district, the department has the following Sections:

  • Culture Section :- This section deals with research on socio-cultural as well as socio-economic life, faith and belief, land tenure system, customary laws etc of the tribal people of the district.
  • Philology Section: – This section deals with research on dialects spoken by the ethnic people of the district.
  • Archives and Museum Section:-This section deals with research as well as collection, compilation, preservation and conservation and display of religious texts and manuscripts and material culture.


The main activities of the department in the district are as follows:-

  • To collect field data on the costume and culture of the ethnic people of the district.
  • To correlate the collected data of the place with other areas and make comparative study.
  • To bring to the limelight and give proper exposure through different media about the rich culture, both tangible and intangible, of the ethnic group of the district.
  • To preserve and conserve the tradition and custom of the local people of the district through various means.
    To collect, classify, catalogue, preserve and conserve the material culture of the indigenous people of the district.
  • To carry out research work on the tangible and intangible culture of the people.
  • To educate the mass about the importance of material culture through visits to the galleries of the District Museum.

District Museum

The District Museum cum District Research Office, Tezu has been collected more than 200 pieces of both Artifacts and Specimens of the Indigenous Tribes of Arunachal Pradesh, and some of the Antiquity has been collected in the District Museum, which has appreciated by VVIPS,VIPS, and other dignitaries as well as Tourists from both domestic and abroad including educational services for students and scholars of different Colleges and Universities and sold books written by Research officers of the department to earn revenue generation from the district for the Government. To collect the specimen and antiquity as well as archaeological monuments of artifacts are continue going on in the district.


The departments in the district have the following schemes:

  • Construction of a new office building for existing old dilapidated condition of District Research Officer and their establishment.
  • Construction of a new and ‘State of the Art’, museum building with modern facilities.
  • Construction of a Conference Hall with facilities of Parking Place for invitees, lavatory etc for conducting Informants’ Meetings, Educational Services etc.
  • Preservation of the existing old museum building as “Heritage Building.”


  • Research project on “Monographic Study of Idu Mishmis tribe”.
  • Research project on “Monographic Study of Miju Mishmis tribe”


  • Digitization of all the Research Projects completed so far and is to be completed in the near future.
  • Provision of existing museum to became a modern amenities.