Title Date Download/Link
3rd Inspection of Candidate Register on 09/04/2019 for Assembly Constituency 44 – AC Tezu 09/04/2019 Download(5 MB)
Register for Maintenance of Day-to -Day Accounts of Election Expenditure by Contesting Candidate from 2nd – Arunachal East Parliamentary Constituency 08/04/2019 Download(5 MB)
Assembly Constituency 44 – AC Tezu – 2nd Inspection of Independent Candidate Shri Karikho Kri Register on 05/04/2019 05/04/2019 Download(6 MB)
Assembly Constituency 44 – AC Tezu – 2nd Inspection of INC Candidate Shri Nuney Tayang Register on 05/04/2019 05/04/2019 Download(4 MB)
Assembly Constituency 44- AC Tezu – 2nd Inspection of BJP Candidate Dr. Mohesh Chai Register on 05/04/2019 05/04/2019 Download(3 MB)
ELECTION URGENT – Publishing of Executive Order/Appeal Online 29/03/2019 Download(6 MB)
Notice – 2-Arunachal(E) Parliamentary & 44-Tezu (ST) Assembly Constituency 19/03/2019 Download(368 KB)
Executive Order – Deposit of Arms 11/03/2019 Download(1 MB)
Short Notice Inviting Expression of Interest_District Horticulture_Tezu 02/03/2019 Download(790 KB)
District at Glance 25/06/2018 Download(105 KB)