Disaster Management

In the present century disaster management has become an important issue all over the world. When the whole world is marching towards development and prosperity, people still have to face calamities both natural and Man-made. Arunachal Pradesh is under earthquake zone-V and is also highly prone to natural disasters like flood, land slide,cyclone etc. Every year with the onset of monsoon, landslide and flood cause havoc to lives and properties of the people. Disaster in various forms have retarded the overall process of development and compounded to the problem of poverty in the region.

The recent climatic changes throughout the world has further created concern over the matter. This puts a question mark on the aspirations of the people for comfortable and secure life. A comprehensive disaster management plan is the need of the hour. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) with the support of Govt. of India and in collaboration with the state govt. has approved a programme of disaster management. The programme is launched all over India in selected states that are prone to disasters. The present programme is holistic and realistic in nature both in character and approach. Unlike the conventional centre oriented emergency response programme, it begins from the grass root level i.e. the village level. The current programme is a community based programme, which provides active participation of communities in all level of disaster management works.

Why to plan :-

  • Economize the resource for quick and speedy response.
  • To know the Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat.
  • Learn from the past.
  • Long Term Impact.


  • To minimize loss of development gains from Natural Disasters and reduce vulnerability.
  • To prevent loss of human lives and property.
  • Transparency and information sharing.
  • Standard operation producer and instant response during any disaster.
  • Preparedness, prevention and mitigation of disasters.
  • Training and awareness creation- People and Officials.
  • Utilizing in other development activities in normal time.
  1. Items and Norms