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Animal Husbandry is an important sector of economic growth in India and rearing livestock directly influence the socio- economic status of rural poor, more particularly the tribal population of the country. As it act as an insurance coverage for the down trodden and socially weaker sections of the society.

In A.P. the livestock production and agriculture are inter linked and both are crucial for the food security of the people. Livestock sector plays an important and vital role in providing nutritive food rich in animal protein, in supplementing family income & generating gainful employment in the rural sector particularly among the landless, small, marginal farmers and women and thus acts as a dependable source of income in time of needs. With increase in human population the demand for livestock production is ever increasing.

Arunachal Pradesh “The Land of Down Lit Mountain” stands like the sentinel in North Eastern most tip of Indian Union is proud to be the homeland of highest Mithun population in the country. It is laden with a verities of natural fodders conducive for rearing of livestock’s and can be harnessed for commercial rearing of livestock and poultry industry.

In Lohit district livestock sector plays an important and vital role in providing nutritive rich animal protein food, in supplementing family income and above all plays an important role in socio – religious obligation of the tribal populace.vty



  • Providing Veterinary Aid to all domestic animals with special emphasis to Livestock population.
  • Enthusing the farmers to take up Livestock entrepreneurship.
  • Training cum awareness of unemployed youth & farmers in the field of Diary farming, Piggery farming & Poultry farming.
  • Providing adequate door to door assistance to the farmers/ livestock owners i.e. Veterinary Health Care, Immunization, Treatment etc. through the network of Veterinary Dispensaries, Vety. Aid Centres/First Aid Centres in the rural/urban areas.
  • Artificially Inseminating non-descript cows, crossbreed cows, and she buffaloes with exotic Germ Plasm through Vety. Dispensaries and Hospitals.
  • Assisting in Public Health by control of Zoonotic diseases.
  • Providing infrastructure for cold chain facilities for Artificial Insemination.
  • Augmenting the production of milk, meat and egg.
  • Conducting of Quinquennial Livestock Census.
  • Conducting of Sample Survey for assessment of production of Livestock Products.
  • Implementation of State Sponsored Schemes and Centrally Sponsored /Central Sector Schemes on Animal Husbandry, Veterinary and Dairying Sector.
  • Construction/Up-gradation of Veterinary Institutions
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