Name Designation Phone (O) Phone (R) email id
Shri M. Basar Deputy Registrar Cooperative Societies 03804-222393
  • Organization of Cooperative Societies & Registration with the approval of Registrar of Cooperative Societies, Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh.
  • Conduct of Annual Statutory Audit of Coop. Societies by empanel Auditors of RCS.
  • Conduct of All India Cooperative Week.
  • Conduct of Annual General Body Meeting of Societies.
  • Recovery of NCDC/ICDP/Normal Govt. Loan if any with interest. If sanctioned.
  • Collection of Audit fees/Loan Installment interest through proper Treasury Challan, if any.
  • Registration of LAMP/consumer Coop/Handloom/Handicraft/Fisheries/Dairy/Poultry/Piggery/Horticulture/Construction/Federation/District Coop. Union/MPCS/Thrift and Credit Coop. etc.
  • Conduct of training/Education/Awareness/Consumers activities.
  • Renewal of Coop. Societies/Registration through proper Treasury Challan.
  • Monitoring of Society as per Coop. Act and Rules 1978.
  • Amendment of bye-law if any.
  • Provide data/information if any sought by State/Central Government.
  • Awareness programmed of consumer activities.
  • Monitoring of Public Distribution of System (PDS).
  • Drawl & Disbursement Officer.
  • Preparation of Project if any.