Places of Interest

Parshuram Kund

Parshuram kund is a Hindu pilgrimage centre situated at Telu Shati/Tailung area of Mishmi plateau in the lower reaches of the Lohit River, approximately 48 kms via Tohangam from Tezu, the Headquarters of Lohit District in Arunachal Pradesh. hills district comprising Mishmi inhabited areas.It is a famous holy place of worship which is steeped in Hinduism and is much venerated by them. It falls within the Kamlang reserve forests and is surrounded by dense forests.According to Hindu faith, the sage Parshuram, on the advice of some sages is said to have wandered all over the Himalayan range to atone for the sin of matricide initiated by his father. The axe that was stuck to his hand fell away cleaving the mountain that sprang the Brahmakund.

Glaw tuwi/ hawai/lake

The best way to begin the adventurous journey to Glaw is to take vehicle from Wakro to the farthest end motorable point near the forests gate. The journey all along the way to roaring Kamlang River is intermittently up and down. In about a half an hour if one gets faster, will reach the suspension bridge over the Kamlang River. After crossing the Kamlang River there are endless climbs all along the way through many streams which flow out of the gorge of hills and finally join the Kamlang.
On the way to Glaw tuwi , the landscape of heights, the deep gorges and lofty mountains, the mesmerizing beauty of streams , flora & fauna and the enchanting Kamlang river that you pass by while approaching to reach the wonderful valley and the foothills would be an exciting experience by itself.

After having the adventurous journey for 7-8 hours, you will finally reach your destination, the Glaw Tuwi/lake nettled silently and thus embraced by the hills covered by evergreen forests. The mighty Glaw Tuwi is surrounded by high mountains from all sides.

The Glaw tuwi has a future scope and ideal place for developing as a Tourist Resort. It would be an ideal place for adventurous tourists for trekking, hiking, angling; fishing and photography.Orchid lovers will find variety of orchids around and on the way throughout the lake.

Tezu, the headquarter of Lohit District

Tezu is one of the oldest town and important district headquaters of Arunachal Pradesh.It has earned its own record for prevalence of harmony and peace.People from every walk of life find comfort in living here. It stands an example of a pure secular society, the dream that the father of the Nation had cherished. For instance, the Temple, the Monastery and the Gurudwara stand Vis-à-Vis under the same compound. Discrimination of any kind on the ground of social status, caste & creed or race is completely nil. Land and forests are rich in themselves having great potentiality for progress and prosperity.

Lohit View Point

Lohit View Point is one of the best tourists destination which is located on top of the Rocky Mountains at Tohangam, which is approx.32 km.from Tezu Township.It is on the way to Hayuliang where one can enjoy the panoramic eye-view of the magnificent Lohit valley of sunrise and sunset view from this point. It is an ideal place for a dry picnic. People can enjoy fresh air and the incredible beauty of the nature.