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Water Resources Division, Tezu started its functioning since 17th October 2006 renaming from Irrigation & Flood Control Department vide Govt. order No. GA/(A)-25/98 dated Itanagar, the 17th October 2006 after trifurcation of Rural Works Department with working jurisdiction, from inter – state border area from Assam to international border upto China, of Lohit District. This Department/Division is entrusted with major development works under as the following heads:

  • Water resources management, survey and investigation of water resources in the state and planning for its utilization.
  • Construction, operation and maintenance of major, medium and minor irrigation works.
  • Flood management and construction of flood protection works and maintenance thereof including river training works.
  • Command area development and related works.
  • Land protection for agriculture, farm lands, drainage and reclamation measures.
  • Watershed management, rivers rejuvenation, soil and water conservation measures.
  • Construction of buildings of the department and approach roads to irrigation sites and agriculture farm roads.
  • Establishment participatory organizations in Irrigation management with particular reference to Command Area Development.
  • Exploitation of ground water irrigation, acquisition and development of pump sets, drilling machines, rigs for irrigation purposes and spring development.
  • Pricing of irrigation water, evaluation of mechanism for self managed command area.
  • Matters related to Arunachal Pradesh Water Resources Regulatory Authority (APWRRA).
  • Matters related to River Basin Management (RBM) and other ancillary activities.
  • Deposit works.
  • Implementation of multipurpose Projects enabling dovetailing of Power Generation, Tourism, Fisheries, Irrigation and Water conservation etc. and construction of hydraulic structure for navigation and inland water transport.
  • All CSS matters pertaining to the Department.
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  3. Beneficiaries: Names of beneficiaries under various scheme